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The website is during development!
The publishing of the site is delayed for unknown time just now,
due to ill health and resulting lack of power.
I got the domain active 2006-12-18.

Development platform

This shall be my platform for Php-script development!
But also other technical development and information.

For the moment I code:
- A GuestBook script called GfpIT - Guest FootPrint IT.
- An advanced visit tracking software - PhpTrackIT.
Both planned to be released as free software in the future.


You can see a demo of my guestbook here, and try it out.
(And write a message to me, if you want :-) or just try it out!)

Explore my visit logger PhpTrackIT Demo!
N.B. In the PhpTrackIT demo is not all tracked details displyed when not logged in, because I care about the privacy of my website visitors!

This site shall be a fully functional website in the future, very most likely with free script download possibility, of my comming advanced open source php scripts!

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Loggat av: PhpTrackIT
(max 1 besök loggas per 3.0 hr per unik besökare¹ och webbsida)

Hela webbplatsen:
- Webbsidor¹ senaste 1 dygnen: 130 av personer² & 4381 av robotar²
- Webbsidor¹ senaste 24hr: 130 av personer² & 4381 av robotar²

- Unika besökare¹ senaste 24hr: 47 personer², 12 robotar²
- Webbsidor per unik besökare senaste 24hr: 2.8/person², 365.1/robot²

- Unika besökare¹ senaste 1 dygnen: 47 personer², 12 robotar²
- Webbsidor per unik besökare senaste 1 dygnen: 2.8/person², 365.1/robot²

- Snitt senaste 1 dygnen (webbsidor/24hr): 130 av personer² & 4381 av robotar²
- Snitt senaste 1 dygnen (unika besökare/24hr): 47.0 personer² & 12.0 robotar²
- Robotar utgör 97.1% av besöken senaste 1 dygnen

- Max webbsidor/24hr: 327 av personer, 2015-03-06
- Max unika besökare/24hr: 196 personer, 2015-03-03
- Max webbsidor/30dygn: 571 av personer, 2015-03-13
- Max unika besökare/30dygn: 383 personer, 2015-03-13
  Max statistik loggad sedan 2009-02-25

Denna webbsida:
- Unika besökare¹: XXX personer senaste 24hr

- Server time uses for PhpTrackIT logging:
- Primary log: 104.5 ms (log time part affecting webpage load time)
- Secondary log: XXX ms (asynchronous log time not affecting webpage load time)
- Ping time (Server-Browser-Server Internet round-trip time, via Php/Ajax): XXX ms

¹ Enligt en anonym unik virtuell besökare algoritm (UVV, Unique Virtual Visitor).
² Enligt en robot-igenkännande algorithm som effektivt skiljer på robot- och person-besök.